It goes without say that Google is the most popular and dominant player in the search engine space… this is true in South Africa as much as the rest of the world.

It is little wonder then, that most large corporates spend vast sums of advertising budget on paid search advertising, to appear on or near the top of search results. Otherwise, how else would they always get you to click & buy their products and in turn their brands?

The trouble with all this focus on big business is that Google has neglected the small business owner from the massive benefit that effective Google advertising could have on their bottom line.

Here are some top tips to minimising the headache, maximising your ad spend & creating a lead generating advert on Google Ads.


Tip 1: Give it some time…

Don’t abandon paid search on Google Ads too early. Truth is, it does take time for Google Ads to optimise & begin delivering your online advertising to the correct audience. This can take up to 7-days. A smart approach would be to minimise budget & streamline target locations for a localized result – that way you can expand budget & ad reach over time without wasting precious budget once your ad is refined.

StriveAd automates the Google advert generation process to speed up the delivery, and the user-friendly dashboard simplifies the ad optimisation, by delivering a simple thumbs up thumbs down option to select which search terms accurately showcase your product or service.


Tip 2: Measure the metrics that actually matter.

As a small business, budget matters but without massive ad spend there is little point focusing on metrics that your budget will not significantly alter. I.e. becoming too granular in your measurements on a small budget can actually have a negative effect on your results.

These 3 x metrics should be monitored:

Impressions: How many people were shown your ads. The higher your daily budget the more impressions you will receive. If you have a high impression share but a low click through rate, then consider rewording your ad.

Cost-per-click (CPC): This basically means what is the cost when someone clicks your ad.  This value will vary from industry to industry. If you are paying a higher cost-per-click but are not seeing an increase in leads, perhaps you are competing within the wrong industry segment or are using incorrect keywords. If that is the case, then consider changing the keywords or refining your advertisement.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR): what this denotes, is the percentage of clicks on your ad in relation to the impressions (views showing up on people’s computers but not clicked). If your click-through-rate is low, it would be wise to reword your ad or alter your keywords.  You want to make sure you show your ad to the exact market when they are searching for your product or service.

StriveAd, the great little solution for businesses, makes it easy to monitor all of these above-mentioned metrics & the search terms that trigger your ad to be displayed, plus the easy to use dashboard offers Yes/No options to make fast changes to better optimise your results.


Tip 3: Bypass the jargon

Bypass the jargon & reams of technical information by working with Automated AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms.  Google Ads is a black hole of technical terms & complicated bidding processes. By opting to use 3rd party software, you skip past the granular view & allows you to focus more on your business.

StriveAd streamlines the ad creation & management process for your Google Ads, so you only have to manage the key high-level areas that are of direct concern to your business, from one user-friendly dashboard.

New business development is the lifeblood of any business. Don’t simply bypass the most cost-effective & targeted advertising channel around today because you don’t believe you have the time or technical knowledge to use it. There are multiple agencies, software tools & tips that allow the small business owner to benefit from the millions of people using Google to search for products & services every day.

Register & sign-up with StriveAd today & use the promotion code: GOOGLEAD to receive R600 Google ad voucher**.

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