Designed by experts, made for the man in the street.

Affordable, fast & zero contracts 
Don’t waste precious budget on exorbitant advertising agency fees. Advertise directly to customers who are searching for your business online. You control the budget; you decide how much you want to spend.

Quick & Easy to use

View your results & make adjustments to your online ads via an easy to use dashboard. You can: Change keywords, press pause, increase/decrease budget, Explore what people have been searching for to find your business and more…


Developed by Swedish engineers & in collaboration with Google to offer South African businesses an easy, safe & reliable platform to advertise on the world’s largest search engine.

Safe & secure

StriveAd license fees are transparent & you can cancel at any time. No contracts. Your budget is spent only when someone clicks your ads; this means you are only charged when someone visits your website. Bonus!

Be seen online

Rank on Google, appear at the top of searches for your product or service… StriveAd Ai (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine learning algorithms do the hard work for you, so you can grow your business.


Transparent & Affordable

Pricing for the StiveAd DIY Google Ad tool is transparent & you can cancel at any time.

Small business budget, big business results

Sign up: Once off R300
Monthly Subscription: R119
Budget: 100% your choice…

Sign up offer:
If you add R200 budget to your account on registration, we will give you a R600 Google Ad voucher to use on your first ad campaign.

*StriveAd earns 10% commission on monthly ad spend


What is Google Ads & why StriveAd makes it easy

Google Ads (Previously Adword’s) is the primary tool for being visible and highly ranked on Google’s search engine. Meaning you appear on the first page of any users search. Text ads, video ads and mobile ads connect you to the customers who are looking for exactly  what you offer.

In a nutshell, Google shows your ad to people whose search criteria match your ad…

A successful business never sleeps… StriveAd is a tool to keep you visible online 24/7!

Using StriveAd machine learning algorithms, Google Ads has never been simpler! Jargon terms like CTR, budget optimization, and bidding strategies are no longer your concern – we’ll take it from here.


All Your StriveAd Questions Answered

We will continually update this page as more & more FAQ’s become known. 
Feel free to get in touch to ask us something if we have not covered, or check back periodically for updated answers.

What are the fees?

We charge a monthly license fee of R119 incl VAT & 10% commission on budget spend There is also a once-off R300 sign-up fee.

Can I see how my ad is performing

Yes, at any time you can log in to your dashboard. From this view you will have access to manage your ad & see a comprehensive view of your ads performance, including how many clicks, how many people saw your ad & how much each click costs… plus much much more!

What is a negative keyword?

After some time, you may notice people searching for products or services that do not relate to you business are clicking your online ad. Simply add them to your negative keyword lists to streamline your online ad delivery and optimize your results.

When do I get charged?

StriveAd will direct debit your account for the monthly service fee, and then you add budget directly into your account when you chose to. We will notify you prior to any direct debit coming off your account via email.

How long does it take to create my account?

It should take 10- to 15 minutes max, and you can come back & edit your account or advertisements at any time.

How do I make changes to my online advertising?

Simply login to your dashboard & make the necessary changes. It is simple to add keywords (search words), change your text or view search results.terd

How many ads can I make?

Currently you can create 2 x ads on StriveAd. It is also possible to include Sitelink extensions.

How much should I spend on a daily budget?

You can spend from as little as R10 per day. On average StriveAd clients spend between R50 & R100 per day. We would recommend a minimum spend of R50



Conquest Aesthetics

After only using Strivead for a couple of months we can already see results. Increased visits to our page, more enquiries and a greater interest in our product. Definitely money well spent. We can highly recommend this service to any small business looking for a...

Instar Group

I use StriveAd for my agency advertising & I recommend StriveAd to all my smaller clients, as the tool is simple to use, affordable, takes almost zero time & generates results on the smallest budget.

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