Harness the power of Pay Per Click online advertising

For many small business owners, juggling the world of owning & running a business is a steep learning curve that requires nerves of steel.­. The rollercoaster is not made easier when considering the multitude of skills required to handle staff, payroll, growing the business & of course marketing.

StriveAd was designed with the  business owner in mind and simplifies advertising online to save you time & effort and to deliver leads right to your inbox.

If you’ve decided to run in-depth Google Ads or use StriveAd to automate the process for you, here are 5 top tips to make sure your business makes the most of your budget.

Tip 1: Keep it simple
Don’t overdo the keywords or overcomplicate your online ad. Tell the audience what you do & select keywords that you would search for if you were looking for a product or skill just like yours. If you do what your ad says you do, then you are winning. ‘Do what it says on the tin’, as the saying goes.

As a rule of thumb, try select 20-25 keywords & go from there.

Tip 2: Negative Keywords
On StriveAd you have the option of ‘setting’ Negative keywords. What this basically means is that you select words that you do not want to be used to trigger your ad being displayed online. I.e. if you are a butcher but do not sell knives, add knives as a negative keyword so if anyone searches ‘Butcher Knives’ add will not display.

An easy way to check for potential negative keywords is to see what searches people used that landed on your site. On StriveAd this can be done via the online dashboard. If there are any words that absolutely do not match your product or service, add them to your negative keyword list.

Tip 3: Cull underperforming keywords
As your online advert begins to display you will notice that some keywords are responsible for the majority of the leads in your inbox. Every couple of weeks it pays to evaluate your keyword list & remove keywords that are not receiving clicks. This not only streamlines who your ad is displayed to and ensures the most likely consumers click it. In addition, this strategy also apportions more budget to those unique keywords to further improve your online lead generation.

Tip 4: Geo locate
StriveAd & Google Ads both offer the ability to select the geographical location you wish your online ad to be displayed to. It is easy to select the whole country as a target area to create more traffic but unless your business is geared to successfully service areas outside of your immediate location footprint, then it is wise to narrow down the targeted area to your local province, city or town.

This basically means, your online ad will only be shown to people searching for your product or service in your immediate area.

Tip 5: Use Sitelink extensions
A Sitelink extension is an additional link on your online ad that takes visitors to a different part of your website. Let’s explain: if you run a florist & you want people to visit your website to select a bouquet of flowers for delivery, you may wish to add a Sitelink extension to offer the opportunity to call you directly from the add to order. This way visitors can take action.

On StriveAd the option of adding a Sitelink is part of the online advertising build, whereas on Google it is a little more complicated… but trust us, they are worth the effort.

There you have it. 5 tips to maximize budget spend for your online advertising. Any questions; please refer to your FAQ page or connect with us on Facebook & we’ll get back to you.