You are running Ads on Google (hopefully you are optimising your time & our expertise and using StriveAd) but even if you are not, this article is still for you. We want you to turn your ad spend cash into customers, and here’s how…

Step 1: Create a great online ad – this goes without saying, and we won’t spend much time here. If you are interested in learning some top tips. Simply read our 5 Google Ads Tips article here.  https://strivead.co.za/5-google-ad-tips-for-small-businesses/

Right, moving on to why you are really reading this… your website.

Step 2: Make conversion easy.
Many website ads do a great job of getting people to your website, but when visitors arrive, they don’t know what you want them to do. Are you looking for people to call you? Purchase online? Make a call now or buy now button visible & available on the first page. How about asking people to sign up for a newsletter? We see many complicated & long forms that take too much effort to complete… this will negatively affect your conversion.

TOP TIP: Try keeping different Call to Actions (CTA) on different pages. This way, you can drive online adverts to specific pages each with an easy action for visitors to take. This also makes it easy to track which ads are outperforming others.

Step 3: A fast website converts
If your site takes an age to load, visitors will leave.  How can a customer buy if they leave before you show them your product or service? The attention span of the modern day Internet surfer is too short to allow more than 5 seconds load time. Standard errors for slow loading websites include:

  • Images (minimize image size)
  • JavaScript – JavaScript may make your website look great, but it can also grind it to a halt.
  • Minimize plugins – use them when they are necessary, but don’t overdo it.

TOP TIP: A great way to test your site speed is to monitor your bounce rate. There are also numerous tools that test site speed. It also pays to check your site speed regularly.

Step 4: Test Test Test
Yes, this can mean testing different ads (this goes without saying) but what we are on about here is to test the CTA buttons.  What is worse than submitting a form & then nothing happens… did it work? Should I do it again? This is one way to skew your results.

Make sure to build thank you pages & redirect for CTA buttons so that those taking action feel comfortable doing so.

Step 5: Build trust
How often do you submit your details or purchase online? You are much more likely to do so with beaming & rave reviews. Why not publish testimonials from satisfied clients.

Step 6: Make it easy to read
Massive blocks of text & long paragraphs will deter visitors from engaging further. It looks like too much effort:

  • Incorporate short sentences & paragraphs.
  • Break the paragraphs up using headers & images and bullet points.

This makes the page more visually appealing & not overly intimidating. In the modern world, less is more so keep that in mind when detailing your thesis on your website.

Step 7: Avoid pop-ups
Man, those things are annoying and worst of all… they disrupt the user experience. Just when they were about to press ‘buy now,’ this thing distracts & annoys everyone asking for info that could have been collected during the sales process.

When was the last time you engaged with a pop-up? Enough said. Ban them.

Right, with those 7 tips you should not only see more visits to your site from your ads, but you should also see an increase in conversion. Feel free to ask any questions via our social media channels & stay tuned in for more top tips.